Sisters’ dark secrets allegedly revealed to police

TWO south Cairns children who were allegedly molested by their eldest brother kept it a secret from one another for more than four years, a court heard.

The two girls allegedly endured ongoing sexual abuse at the hands of their brother for four and a half years until the eldest sister informed police in October 2017.

"Their lives would have appeared ordinary," crown prosecutor Nicole Friedewald yesterday told Cairns District Court.

"They went to school and lived with their family - but they had a secret they kept to themselves.

"They were being sexually abused by their brother."

The crown alleged the defendant began abusing the girls when he was aged from 15-20.

The girls were aged from 8 to 12 and 9 to 14.

The court heard the defendant allegedly abused the eldest girl on consecutive nights.

It is alleged the he lay next to her bed while their sister slept in the same room and touched her while she slept.

"She saw him crawl out of the room," Ms Friedewald said.

"The very next night he came into her room again."

Her brother allegedly subjected their youngest sister to darker attention - digitally raping her up to 40 times and maintaining an unlawful sexual relationship from 2015 to 2017.

"He was doing something he always did to me," the girl said in pre recorded evidence to the court.

When the youngest girl woke during the alleged rape and caught him moving toward her sister, the defendant allegedly told her he was "looking for something on the floor."

The court heard the defendant admitted to police he was in his sisters' room "but he will deny the rest of the allegations."

He has pleaded not guilty to six charges relating to child abuse and rape and stands trial before Judge Julie Dick SC.

The jury is expected to hear six hours of pre recorded evidence in closed court before hearing the testimony of two police officers who were involved in the case.

The trial continues.