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Beautiful sisters' fall from grace documented in Qld court

IT HAS been a spectacular fall from grace for the stunning and sporty Gympie debutantes who this week pleaded guilty to breaching the laws of sex workers in Brisbane.

School friends of the former St Patrick's College students Emilie Jayne Welch, 22, and Sonia Nita Welch, 19, yesterday described the sisters as "beautiful but very wild".

The young women were on Tuesday convicted in Brisbane Magistrates Court of sharing the same sexual health certificate, a medical document which sex workers must provide before they can work.

They pleaded guilty to imposition between May and August this year at Cleos on Nile at Woolloongabba.

Sonia is believed to have moved to Brisbane about a year ago and started working for an escort agency, which offers men "the girlfriend experience" and charges $800-$1000 a night.

The Courier Mail reported this week that both women had worked under the name Eden on 15 occasions, but Emilie had used one of Sonia's certificates.

Emilie admitted to police she had borrowed her sister's certificate because she was too lazy to get her own check.

Magistrate Wendy Cull took into account that there was no suggestion Emilie, who has left the industry, was hiding a sexually transmitted disease, and fined her $200, the Courier Mail reported.

She warned Sonia she had to comply with rules and put her on a 12-month good behaviour bond. No convictions were recorded for either woman.

Emilie later said she had been studying at uni and caring for her young brother when life pressures got the better of her.

The sisters were raised by their father on a farm near Goomboorian. They both loved horses and were talented athletes, especially Emilie, who was a professional sprinter after school before she hit a slump, lost her career and her university scholarship, and starting work as an escort.

Friends said yesterday they were "nice girls" who "had their heads screwed on straight" but had little self respect.

Towards the end of senior Sonia struggled with her studies and rarely attended school, they said.

"She was very distracted. She was really into animals and horses."

Sonia told reporters outside Brisbane Magistrates Court on Tuesday she needed the escort money to support her love of horses and fund the expensive house she and Emilie lived in at The Gap.