Sitting MPs 'safe' in nearby seats

INDEPENDENT political candidates are the punters' favourites to win tomorrow in two near-Gympie electorates only, with the rest expected by the betting markets to go resoundingly to the LNP.

Readers outside the Gympie electorate area include residents of Noosa, Nicklin, Callide and Maryborough.

Favourites among punters are the sitting Independent Members for both Nicklin (Peter Wellington) and Maryborough (Chris Foley) as well as sitting LNP candidates elsewhere.

Mr Wellington is opposed by the Greens' John Law, the LNP's John Connolly, the Australian Party's Matthew Smith, Labor's Luke Moore and Family First's Cathy Turner.

Mr Foley is opposed by Labor's Ezra Burtt, the Australian Party's Gordon Dale, the LNP's Anne Maddern and the Greens' Garry Claridge.

In Callide, which includes much of Widgee and the former Kilkivan Shire, sitting LNP Member Jeff Seeney is opposed by the Greens' Camilla Percy, Independent Duncan Scott, the Australian Party's Steve Ensby and Labor's Melissa Newton.

In Noosa, sitting LNP Member Glen Elmes is opposed by the Australian Party's Bob Jarvis, the Greens' Jim McDonald, Labor's Kurt Hopkins, Independent Bill Colley and Family First's Gemika Maloney.

According to the bookmakers and their clients, easy victories will be won at tomorrow's poll by sitting MPs Mr Seeney in Callide, Mr Foley in Maryborough, Mr Wellington in Nicklin and Mr Elmes in Noosa.