Skullcandy Indy wireless earphones look a lot cooler than Apple's version.
Skullcandy Indy wireless earphones look a lot cooler than Apple's version.

Skullcandy Indy review: Great sound with the right fit

SKULLCANDY Indy wireless earphones look like a bulkier, black version of the Apple AirPods but without the price tag.

My first impressions were pretty disappointing. The plastic charging case has a cheaper feel than its rivals and doesn't offer the same battery life.

Both headphones have touch controls and have downward pointing extensions that look far better in black than the white AirPods.

They feel more secure than AirPods, using a combination of a 'Stability Ear Gel' and ear tips which come in small, medium and large.

I tried the medium to start with, testing them for a few hours and found the sound completely underwhelming.
They didn't seem loud enough and the bass was terrible.

But that was user error - not the fault of the Indys themselves.

After swapping to a larger tip, the sound difference was amazing. You obviously need a more snug fit in the ear for the bass to really resonate.

Once in properly, the sound ranges were pretty impressive - not the best on the market by any stretch, but very good bang for buck. Skullcandy is well known for its solid bass but voices and guitar breaks also sounded great.

On the downside, the case is much bulkier than the AirPods case and offers only 16 hours of total listening time, compared to 24 hours in other devices.

It also uses a very short microUSB charging cable, which is not ideal given the proliferation of USB C devices nowadays,.

In terms of controls, the Indys are super easy to use with volume down on the left earpiece and up on the right, while you can change tracks or take a phone call easily without having to reach for your phone.

They use some pretty cool technology which means as you take them out of the case they start playing the music you were last listening to. Take them out of your ears and put them back in and they switch off and start charging.

One of the real gripes with them is how hard they are to get out of the case. You have to pull on the stability gel sleeve to get them out. Certainly not a deal breaker but an area for improvement.

With an online price of under $150, they are certainly worth checking out, particularly if you're looking for good, bass-driven sound without paying a fortune. Another bonus is they are sweat and dust resistant.