Bruce Devereaux who is giving up his bank job to go full time on his daddy blog and to be a Stay At Home Dad.
Bruce Devereaux who is giving up his bank job to go full time on his daddy blog and to be a Stay At Home Dad. Patrick Woods

Sky’s the limit for superhero blogger, father of seven

FATHER of seven Bruce Devereaux is on a trajectory to become Gympie's next internet superhero.

Luckily he is not averse to donning the odd pink cape, so looking the part will come easily.

For years, Bruce has been one of the friendly faces behind the counter at Gympie's Bank of Queensland; his "other family".

But as of early next month, he will be cashing in his banking career to devote himself to being a stay at home dad, and to developing his hilarious, slightly naughty and rapidly expanding daddy blog,

He made this "really super awesome big announcement" wearing a pink cape on his website on Sunday.

He and wife Tracey Devereaux, a Gympie photographer with a growing business, have been "transitioning" Bruce out of full-time work for the past year with this goal in sight.

"In less than a month I will officially be a Stay At Home Dad (the capitals are apparently super important) because Tracey's rather sensibly decided she wants me home all the time - I tell people as a sex slave, but she tells people it's for housework and school runs," he said.

It's a big step and one that Bruce is "super" excited about.

"I can't believe anyone would not want to do this," he said.

"I can't wait to spend more time with my kids; do the school thing, watch them perform."

Taking his blog as far as it can go will be another exciting adventure, though one gets the distinct impression being a family man will always be top priority. already attracts 20-30,000 unique hits a month, and Bruce's Facebook site has 22,000 likers. He recently completed advertisements for Optus and Ristorante Pizza, and is about to do some work with Athletes Foot.

But taking on too many advertisements is something he is wary of.

"I say no a lot more than I say yes," he says.

Bruce has always loved to write, and his fatherhood blog really started to take off after he appeared on The Project two years ago to do a piece on daddy blogging.

Where it will end up is anybody's guess, but with fans already all over the world, the sky is the limit for this talented Gympie dad.

Bruce has seven children - five girls and two boys. His two eldest children are adults, and his youngest is three.