Dylan Perry was fined $450 after using hammers to destroy property.
Dylan Perry was fined $450 after using hammers to destroy property.

Sledgehammer attack: Pot plant fight leads to destruction

An argument over a missing pot plant led to the destruction of property in mid September.

Dylan Perry was sentenced in Bundaberg Magistrates Court yesterday to pay $450 in fines after destroying several pieces of property at his mother's house.

The court heard Perry, 21, visited the address in September, but noticed a pot plant which was given to him by a deceased relative had gone missing.

The court heard an argument broke out over where the pot plant had gone, which escalated when it became obvious there was no clear answer.

The court heard that Perry, in a fit of anger, went to the shed and retrieved a claw hammer and sledge hammer.

He then went to his sister's room, using a hammer to destroy several collectable dolls, before using the sledge hammer to put a hole in a living room wall.

When he was asked to leave, Perry smacked a phone out of someone's hands, resulting in it hitting the ground and breaking its screen.

Magistrate Bronwyn Hartigan said the incident was "more serious than if it wasn't a domestic violence offence".

The court understood this behaviour was out of character for Perry.

He was fined $300 for wilful damage domestic violence offence, and an additional $150 for contravening a direction from police when he did not present himself to the station after the incident.

Because the incident was deemed out of character, no conviction was recorded.