Bonnick Road Dump site.
Bonnick Road Dump site. Tanya Easterby

Smerdon rejects budget, says services have taken beating

PEOPLE would feel "ripped off” by the latest changes to Gympie's dumps, Cr Hilary Smerdon said yesterday.

Voting against the council budget, Cr Smerdon said after the meeting that services had already taken a beating before the introduction of $5.40 gate fees.

"As it stands now we have reduced services, we've closed dumps, we've reduced hours on the ones that still are open,” he said, adding the region's unique nature needed to be considered.

Councilllor Hilary Smerdon. Photo Renee Albrecht/Gympie Times
Cr Hilary Smerdon. Renee Albrecht

"Gympie is a different culture. We're not the richest people in the world. We expect value for money, we pay our rates, we pay our management fees and as far as I'm concerned people are going to say 'we're getting ripped off'.”

He said illegal dumping would increase under the changes, ultimately costing the council "more than what we are going to make”.