Sneaky hidden camera nabbing hundreds

Twenty drivers an hour have been clocked going over the 40km/h limit at a Brisbane school by a camera trap hidden in the grounds.

Queensland Police often use the trailer tactic targeting high-risk areas but some motorists became outraged when they spotted this one inside the school grounds and not on the street.

The trailer was positioned inside Whites Hill State College for two weeks, recording 974 incidents.

Targeting drivers between 7am and 9am and 2pm and 4pm when the school zone speed limit is enforced, the trap averaged 20 speedsters an hour.

That highest speed was 69km/h and more than half of the incidents were more than 10km/h over.

Drivers slammed the move as pure revenue raising, while others defended the plan, saying it served people right for speeding.

Brisbane Speed Camera Locations posted a warning about the trailer on its Facebook page when it first arrived and shared a South-East Advertiser story on Monday which was flooded with comments.

Queensland Police said the camera was not requested by the school but they got its permission to set the trailer up.

Those against the decision said things such as:

"Can only imagine the millions the government make each year off fines and car registration, greed is the main motivation not catching people speeding."

"This is nothing, the places they are putting speed cameras lately is ridiculous, a few weeks ago they took up a whole lane on the on ramp for the M1."

"Disgrace, and this 'isn't' revenue raising."

Drivers in support of the police commended them for their efforts:

"Quite simple … don't speed. If people are speeding near a school or any built up area with kids about then that's more of a worry."

"Not exactly sneaky … and it's a school area. I have no issues with it."

"Fair enough that the people who speed past during school times get caught. It's a bit of a habit now to slow down at schools, no matter the time of day/weekends. But maybe there should be a sign up somewhere."


The sneaky speed camera hidden in a school. Picture: Brisbane Speed Camera Locations/Facebook
The sneaky speed camera hidden in a school. Picture: Brisbane Speed Camera Locations/Facebook

Police said prior to deploying, a risk assessment was conducted at each proposed location to ascertain the most suitable site for the trailer.

"In this instance, it was considered that deployment within the school grounds would ensure that the trailer would not cause a road hazard, the trailer did not impede traffic, parking spaces for parents and staff would not be occupied by the trailer, the camera system meets the operational requirements including a secure area for the trailer," it said in a statement provided to

"This school zone was identified by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

through a risk-based assessment with a focus to encourage speed compliance by motorists during school times.

"This is not the first and only locations the QPS has deployed the trailers into school zones. Since the QPS commenced using trailers in targeted locations (school zones, road works sites, high risk locations on motorways) the service has been very open about using them in school zones."

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