Former Socceroos legend, Mark Schwarzer, on from Russia With Love.
Former Socceroos legend, Mark Schwarzer, on from Russia With Love.

Socceroos legend savagely burns radio host

TRIPLE J breakfast host Liam Stapleton is still reeling after having his "heart ripped out and s**t on" by his hero on national TV.

The drama started last week when Stapleton came face-to-face with Mark Schwarzer, the former Socceroos legend whom he's idolised for years.

Schwarzer joined Stapleton and his co-host Ben Harvey in the Triple J studio to talk all things Wold Cup, but the interview got off to an awkward start.

After Stapleton introduced Schwarzer as the "man who single-handedly inspired me to be a goalkeeper for eight years," the former Socceroo replied mockingly with, "how did that go with being a goalkeeper? I'm just looking at your height and that seems to be a bit of an issue".


Stapleton, who had brought in all his Schwarzer memorabilia for the interview including several photos of them together from when he'd met him as a kid, was quite simply gutted by the burn from his idol.

A young Liam Stapleton with Mark Schwarzer.
A young Liam Stapleton with Mark Schwarzer.


And they meet again.
And they meet again.

But it gets worse.

On the weekend, Schwarzer was on World Cup TV show From Russia With Love when his co-host, Mel McLaughlin, mentioned his awkward chat with the Triple J breakfast duo.

"You can actually pinpoint the exact moment where his spirit broke," she said to Schwarzer about the radio interview. "You killed him."

Schwarzer replied: "I was just being honest and I actually thought I let him off quite lightly. And the other thing is he was quite stalkerish. He had a lot of memorabilia of me."

"That's being a fan isn't it?" asked McLaughlin.

"Yeah but the one that really stuck out for me was he had a photo of my car and it was in a carpark," Schwarzer said.

OK, that is kind of weird.

Stapleton said on Triple J that he was actually watching From Russia With Love with friends on the weekend and saw Schwarzer dissing him. "Broke my heart," the radio star said on air.

"Imagine having your heart ripped out and s**t on by your hero, not once but twice in one week … It's like when your Dad's being a d**k, ya know? Like, you love the guy but you're also angry with them."

Stapleton said he was unsure if he would be able to forgive his idol for the public burn but added that he would be willing to meet up with the former Socceroo so he could apologise in person.

"I'll pick you up from yours. I know where you live … because I'm a massive stalker," Stapleton joked