Social Distancing Etiquette

The Corona Virus has shown that we have lost respect for each other and lack basic manners. For my daily exercise I go for a walk along the coastal path at Currimundi every day. Lately, since the Corona Virus took hold, I have noticed a large increase in the number of people using the path. Fair enough. We all need to look after our well-being. Unfortunately, many of the people are not following social distancing rules.

I want to say to those people walking in pairs! When passing someone coming the other way, fall in behind your partner until you pass. It’s nice walking side-by-side, but it’s basic manners to move to the side and keep your distance from other people using the tracking.

I want to say to those people, like this morning, that collected in a group of four in the middle of the tracking and chatted, which meant other users of the track no safe way to pass. That shows a complete lack of respect for everyone else. I wanted to put it down to a misunderstanding of understanding of the rules. But it wasn’t that! The conversation they were having was about how they were all still going out for coffee and other non-essential items, and laughing between themselves when discussing it. How did I know what the conversation was about? I stopped and stood off hoping that they would correct their behaviour. Didn’t work!

I’m reluctant to start talking to people about what they are doing wrong. My experience so far is all you get is a mouth full of abuse. No matter how politely it is put. Hopefully respect for other people will magically self-germinate. Hopefully!