Jane Waddell (left) and Phillip Waddell (right)
Jane Waddell (left) and Phillip Waddell (right)

Son jailed for killing father in brawl at home

AMON Waddell will spend at least 22 months in jail for killing his father in a tragic alcohol- fuelled brawl in their family home.

Waddell, then 25, beat and strangled Phillip Waddell in March last year after his father grabbed him by the throat at the Maadi home near El Arish.

He was sentenced to seven years in jail but will be eligible for parole in July 2021.

Justice Jim Henry said the cause of the fight was a mystery.

Amon Jed Waddell.
Amon Jed Waddell.

"The situation would have diffused had one or another just walked away," Justice Henry said.

Waddell pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Cairns Supreme Court on Thursday, supported by his mother Jane and relatives.

The court heard both Phillip and Amon Waddell suffered trauma before the incident.

The younger man suffered an enclosed head injury during a motorcycle accident in 2017 and his father had grown embittered after a workplace shoulder injury.

"He was left in constant agony. His family was left helpless … a stranger appeared," Justice Henry said, reading a statement by Jane Waddell.

Amon Waddell would tell a psychologist his father had "become a physically abusive individual".

"He wasn't the man who raised me, but he was still my dad," Wadell said.

His mother wrote that the family would go on with "love, unity and understanding".

"That is what Phil would expect us to do."