Jason-Kane Ring was told by the magistrate that this would be his last chance to be a father for his son. Picture: File
Jason-Kane Ring was told by the magistrate that this would be his last chance to be a father for his son. Picture: File

Son or grog: Drink drive dad’s court ultimatum

A father with an alcohol addiction has been told to work out if his desire to be a dad for his son outweighs his desire to drink.

Jason-Kane Ring, 47, blamed a drinking culture of his football playing years for his demise into alcoholism.

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Caloundra Magistrates Court heard Ring was working at a farm in Maleny when he drove a work vehicle heavily intoxicated and obstructed police when being arrested.

His licence had previously been disqualified for another driving under the influence charge.

The court heard Ring lost his job as a result.

“A few months later you again were significantly making a pest of yourself causing damage to a property, not leaving and again obstructing police,” Magistrate Stephen Courtney said.

The court heard Ring also attempted to steal liquor.

Police prosecutor Bonita Pienaar told the court a jail term was appropriate because Ring had committed the offences while he was on parole.

“He’s a mature-aged man with no insight into his offending,” she said.

The court heard Ring had five pages of criminal history with the majority of charges being alcohol related.

He was sentenced to two years in jail in September 2018 for dangerous operation of a vehicle while adversely affected by an intoxicating substance.

Ring pleaded guilty to 11 charges by video link in Caloundra Magistrates Court on Wednesday, including driving under the influence, assaulting police and wilful damage.

Ring’s lawyer, Jacob Pruden, told the court Ring had applied to attend a rehabilitation centre.

“What you’ll see is a rather tortured history with alcohol,” he said.

“He had a promising career as a footballer when he was a young man and it was there that the culture of drinking among football players.

“And it has seemed as though he got the taste for it and it’s something that he’s struggled with ever since.”

The court heard Ring was desperate to change so he could be a better example for his son.

“It seems as though he’s under no illusion about what his problem is and how could he be at this point in his life?” Mr Pruden said.

“He wants to stop disappointing his family.”

The court heard Ring had little recollection of the night he drove the work vehicle.

Mr Courtney had stern words for Ring’s alcohol addiction.

“If he hasn't learnt by now, he never will,” he said.

“You’ve appeared to largely wasted your life up until this point.

“You’re not going to recover once you turn 60 living this sort of life – you’re going to have a pretty quick demise.”

Mr Courtney sentenced him to nine months in jail, wholly suspended for three years after serving 28 days.

He will be released from custody on October 13.

Mr Courtney also disqualified Ring from driving for three years.

“You’re at a point where this really is your last chance – and whether you learn is completely a matter for you,” he said.

“It’s a question for you whether your desire to be a father for your son outweighs your desire to drink.

“I really hope for your sake and the community’s sake the penny has dropped because if not, your future doesn’t look particularly bright.”

Convictions were recorded