FORMER championship-winning mentor at South Brisbane, Adam Campbell (pictured giving instructions), is off to the US on a dream high-school coaching journey.
FORMER championship-winning mentor at South Brisbane, Adam Campbell (pictured giving instructions), is off to the US on a dream high-school coaching journey.

South Brisbane coach Adam Campbell offered rare US role

ADAM Campbell has been an American football coach for three decades, but even with a move of a lifetime to coach in the US he will have to start from the bottom.

Or so it seems.

Campbell, who's respected coaching career includes a stint mentoring the New Zealand national team - where he became close friends with Stanford University's assistant offence coach Joe Ashfield - is off to ply his trade at a high school team in America.

And he couldn't be more excited at the opportunity.

The New Zealand-born man sees this as a chance to chase up a sought-after coaching role at college level.

Campbell will impart his knowledge to young and aspiring quarterbacks at Ponderosa High School in Parker, Colorado, on a four-month stint.

Ponderosa is a level 4A gridiron school - just one under the highest level of 5A.

High School football is serious business in the US, and Campbell can't wait to get amongst it.

"I've been studying feverishly for this since I was offered the role," he said.

"It's something I'm very excited about.

"The school has its very own version of Suncorp Stadium - it can hold a few thousand with a beautiful turf field and nice facilities.

"I want to really embrace the whole experience - the pep rallies, everything."

Campbell, 47, won a Gridiron Queensland Sun Bowl with the South Brisbane Wildcats in 2010, and had much success up until the conclusion of this season, before accepting his new role.

He believes he has many years left as a gridiron coach and is not giving up on his dream of reaching college level.

"This is a small stepping stone for me," Campbell said.

"Look at (San Francisco 49ers coach) Jim Harbaugh - he's about to accept a $49 million (A$60 million over six years) deal to coach the University of Michigan.

"That's a pipe dream for me at this stage, but there's every chance this could turn into a realistic career move for me.

"I'm 47, and it's not unheard of for coaches to be doing their thing at the top levels into their 70s.

"It's such a complex game and I feel like I'm only just starting to get a decent grasp on it.

"Australia is behind North America and Europe in gridiron because we lack high-quality coaches with overseas experience.

"But I am hoping through this role I can come back to Australia and pass on as much as I can so I can help grow the game down here."

Campbell believes he will leave the Wildcats in good shape.

US import and quarterback Tommy Corwin will take over as head coach, and the club will be adding senior women's and colts (boys and girls aged 14 to 18) teams next year.

Campbell is also busy planning a 12-week flag football module, for boys and girls aged eight to 18, that will take place at Gould Adams Park, home of Kingsridge Touch Football, in March.

He will fly to the US for a coaching clinic in February to prepare him for his new coaching role, before returning to the States to start his journey as Ponderosa's quarterback coach in August.