Is there more to the Sam Burgess story? Picture: Brett Costello
Is there more to the Sam Burgess story? Picture: Brett Costello

Some suspect Roosters of foul play in Burgess probe

THE most explosive chapter yet is about to be written in South Sydney's famous Book of Feuds.

With the Rabbitohs' premiership push overshadowed by allegations from a 23-year-old woman that a social media account owned by Sam Burgess was used to communicate lewd images and video of two players to her in May, a conspiracy theory has emerged.

As they head into Saturday's preliminary final with a cloud over the names of some of their biggest stars, the Rabbitohs are certain the mischief makers behind the entire NRL investigation into the matter are none other than the Sydney Roosters.

Evidence is provided by the fact that despite the incident happening in May and the woman making a complaint to the Rabbitohs at that time, she approached The Daily Telegraph on the Monday after their qualifying final loss to Melbourne - which put them on the Roosters side of the draw.

They also argue the woman making the allegations has links to the Roosters through her brother. Her family are solid Roosters supporters.

The possibility that Sam Burgess was set up by the Roosters is thick in the conversation among Rabbitohs ­insiders.

The offending images were on Burgess's social media account. The Roosters have heard it and laugh it off as typical South Sydney paranoia.

The Rabbitohs argue 'but they would, wouldn't they'.

Roosters coach Trent Robinson dismissed the conspiracy theory, telling one club official, "I don't care if they play all four Burgess brothers."

Fourth brother Luke is ­playing for Salford in England, so unlikely.

Interestingly, the gold watch being worn in the image is no longer owned by the player who, apparently, gave it to a teammate as a gift.