IMAGINE being on live television when all of a sudden you start feeling something crawl down your arm.

Most people would struggle to stand still, let alone keep a straight face but Foxreporter Shannon Murray understands what it means to be a true professional.

The Fox 4Dallas news reporter was in the middle of a live cross this week when all of a sudden a reasonably sized spider works its way onto her shoulder, down her bare arm and then crawls out of shot. Well, resonably sized to Australians - Americans are calling the spider "giant".

Shannon Murray keeps a brave face as the spider crawls down her arm.
Shannon Murray keeps a brave face as the spider crawls down her arm. Fox 4

The reporter no doubt deserves a medal for her nerves of steel with the Dallas newsdesk praising the reporter for putting on a brave face.

The network later posted the video to their Facebook page captioning it, "Shannon's Little Friend".

The video was inundated with comments praising the journo for her composure.

"Had it been me, there would be a news segment of me running and getting hit by one of the vehicles driving by. I may be alive or dead," one wrote.

"I would've been FIRED on the spot due to a lot of potty words (bleeping) and stripping in the middle of the street ..." another commented.

Murray also commented on the video, clearing up speculation that she might not of even realised something was on her.

"For those asking, YES I felt it! But I had no idea it was a spider until a VIEWER let me know on Facebook! EEK," the reporter wrote.

The video has since racked up close to 400,000 views and will no doubt be used in newsrooms for years to come to show young, up-and-coming journalists what it really means to be a professional.