A spooky attack in Redbank Plains has left a local woman confounded.
A spooky attack in Redbank Plains has left a local woman confounded. Facebook

Bizarre drain attack on motorcyclist

A MOTORCYCLIST was lucky to keep both wheels on the bitumen after a bizarre attempted attack in Redbank.

Ashley Godfrey was riding beside Redbank Plaza when a woman, or small girl crawled out of a drain and attempted to throw a sheet over her.

The rider captured footage of the eerie attack on her helmet cam as was riding home from work earlier this week along the Mine St exit.

The video and posts where she recounted the incident has more than 200,000 views and about 4000 comments.

"Coming home from work alone at about 9pm last night at the Mine St exit (just outside Redbank plaza) when I Look over to see child?? Small woman?? CRAWLING OUT OF THE F***ING DRAIN PIPE," Ms Godfrey posted on Facebook.

"Footage doesn't show entire line of vision but she/it proceeded to run at me and try and cover me with a sheet.

"Decided to nope the f*** outta there as I didn't really feel like being stabbed/robbed/who even knows what. Watch out for the crazy people, my south Brissy friends."

Social media speculators believe the person may have been trying to steal her motorbike and concurred it was incredibly unusual and "creepy".

Others blamed drug abuse for the mystifying attempted robbery or attack. Most urged caution and safety to their fellows, telling each other to lock their doors and drive safely.

A Queensland Police Service spokesperson could not confirm the incident.