Springfield and developer to pay council's legal bills

SPRINGFIELD Land Corporation and Cherish Enterprises will have to pay half of Ipswich City Council's legal costs over a long-running dispute between the companies.

The Queensland Supreme Court last month finalised a two-year dispute between the three parties.

On Tuesday Justice Robert Gotterson ruled that Cherish and SLC must each pay half of the council's legal costs.

He also ruled that Cherish must pay half of SLC's costs.

SLC is now called Greater Springfield City Group.

Justice Gotterson said as Springfield and the council were partially successful in their various claims, their costs should be partially covered.

"Springfield did, nevertheless, succeed on the other principal issue in which it contended that a development must comply with an antecedently approved area development plan. That contention was supported by the council but resisted by Cherish," he said.

"Bearing in mind that it was necessary for Springfield to appeal to vary the declaration made below, but having regard to the outcomes on the two principal issues, I consider that Cherish should pay to Springfield 50 per cent of its costs of the appeal on the standard basis. No order should be made in respect of Cherish's costs of the appeal."

"As to the council's costs, it was successful in its limited resistance to the appeal and wholly successful in its cross-appeal. Having regard to the outcomes on the principal issues, I am of the view that the council's costs of the appeal and cross-appeal should be borne equally by Springfield and Cherish." -NewsRegional