Sisters of Mercy leader: abuse allegations "sensational"

UPDATE 3.10PM: THE Royal Commission has heard Sr Loch would not rule out an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against former orphanage employee Kevin Baker.

Sr Loch admitted she wasn't proactive in her approach to the allegations that Mr Baker indecently touched a boy who lived at the orphanage.

She also admitted she was only prepared to give information to the police if she was asked.

Mr Baker has denied these allegations.

UPDATE 11.45PM: SR Loch has maintained a statement read in parliament in the mid-1990s, saying sexual abuse allegations at Neerkol Orphanage, were "sensational".

In a statement to the media back in the 1990s, Sr Loch said: "I have to consider it astounding and dismaying that such allegations can be made in the parliament of Queensland without any form of notification.

"That is the first part of your complaint but, secondly... Without any effort having been made to substance Yale the allegations."

COMMISSION UPDATE: IN day six of the Royal Commission inquiry into child abuse at Neerkol Orphanage, Sister Berneice Loch reiterated there were no clear protocols in place for reporting these incidents.

Sr Loch revealed there were about four allegations of abuse at Neerkol, but nothing was done.

She also said she followed up the allegations of Mr David Owen (by asking various people) but failed to approach Mr Owen himself about the claims.

She accepted she should have contacted Mr Owen.