HIGH ACHIERVERS: St Patrick's College 2018 Spritual Award winners (from left) Maria Adams (Middle School), Patrick Adams (Senior School) and Charlotte Connors (Junior School).
HIGH ACHIERVERS: St Patrick's College 2018 Spritual Award winners (from left) Maria Adams (Middle School), Patrick Adams (Senior School) and Charlotte Connors (Junior School).

St Patrick's College celebrates its high achievers for 2018

ST PATRICK'S College's awards night last Friday was a chance to celebrate and acknowledge the aspirations of every student, principal Karen Harrison said.

The awards night, which was held in the Matthew Horan Centre, was attended by students, parents, teachers and members of the St Patrick's parish and community.

2018 St Patrick's College major awardees:

Brother Wynne Trophy - DUX: Leo Cartwright.

Vocational Student of the Year: Hannah Humphris.

Eve Boyle Improvement Award: David Gordon.

Nathan O'Neill Diligence Award: Benjamin Crawford.

Goldtown Driving School Excellence Award - Year 11: Rose Cann.

Goldtown Driving School Excellence Award - Year 10: Jack Algie.

Vision for Learning Award: Holly Brown.

Vision for Learning Award: Perdita Gould.

Calibre Excellence in Design Award: Ashley Babio-Pazos.

Jobmatch Bursary Award: Brooke Bambling.

Sport Awards

Middle School Sportsman: James Duggan.

Middle School Sportswoman: Kaitlyn Collyer.

Junior Sportsman: Jiah Mason.

Junior Sportswoman: Allie Salter.

Emmanuel Vernados Senior Sportsman: Matthew Pearce.

Emmanuel Vernados Senior Sportswoman: Taylah Jordan.

Brisbane Catholic Education Spirit of Sport: Daniel Leis-Dinan.

Cooloola Fitness Centre Junior All-Rounder Sportsperson: Casey Dobson.

Cooloola Fitness Centre Senior All-rounder Sportsperson: Leo Cartwright.

Kevin Murphy Spirit of Rugby Award: Jack Hayes.

Pierre de Courbertin Award: Leo Cartwright.

Dr P.V. Kenny Champion House: Rice.

Cultural Awards

Kevin Murphy Cultural Trophy - Middle: Isabelle Kahler.

Kevin Murphy Cultural Trophy - Junior: Hannah Johnston.

Kevin Murphy Cultural Trophy - Senior: Rose Cann.

Leadership and Service Awards

ADF Long Tan Award - Year 10: Amelia Hill.

ADF Long Tan Award - Year 12: Liam Brauer.

Neil Jones Award to SRC: Raegan Paradine.

House Spirit Award - Chisholm: Shellie Joseph.

House Spirit Award - McAuley: Adelaide Murley.

House Spirit Award - Horan: Georgina Armstrong.

House Spirit Award - Rice: Cheyne Taylor.

Merv King Environment: Raegan Paradine.

The Gympie Lions Club Service Award - Junior: Hannah Johnston.

Gympie Regional Council Citizenship Bursary Award: Cheyne Taylor.

Mission Awards

Lions Spiritual Award - Middle: Maria Adams.

Lions Spiritual Award - Junior: Charlotte Connors.

Memorial Wilf Tobin Spiritual Award - Senior: Patrick Adams.

All-Rounder Awards

Rotary All Rounder - Senior: Raegan Paradine.

Best All Rounder: Alex Leis.

USC Rise & Shine Award: Sean Hayes.

Life of the College Awards

SRC Middle School Spirit Award: Ciaran Lutton.

SRC Junior School Spirit Award: Hannah Johnston.

Hon. F.I. Power Spirit of St Patrick's: Liam Brauer.

Bryan Baker Memorial: Perdita Gould.

College Staff Award for Service to College: Lewis Maudsley.


ST PATRICK'S College continued its focus on improving student learning in 2018, particularly in writing in the junior years.

Principal Karen Harrison told those assembled for the college awards night at the Matthew Horan Centre last Friday this improved learning saw an increased standard of of achievement in St Patrick's 2018 Year 9 NAPLAN results.

"Our staff are committed to providing opportunities that recognise and foster the talents and potential of each member of our community. This is our Mission,” she said.

Mrs Harrison said the awards night celebrated and acknowledged each individual student in the aspects of mission, academic, sport, cultural and life of the college.

" We are proud of the efforts and achievements of our students in all aspects of the college,” she said.

"Last year, St Patrick's College Year 12 students achieved remarkable results and once again all students looking to continue their learning journey into university were offered a place. "Sixty-eight per cent of our students achieved an OP score above the state average.

"The new Queensland Senior Learning Framework from 2019 will see our current Year 11 students to be the last to exit on the OP system.

"As life-long learners students are encouraged to engage in subjects that they enjoy and design an individual pathway towards the industries that they are interested in.

"The unique and individual pathways selected by students create a learning environment that is different to other schools and supportive of these choices.

"Our intention is to encourage and create varied learning pathways to assist students in preparing for life beyond school.

"From Year 10 our students actively engage in Certificate courses, school-based traineeships, apprenticeships and university Headstart programs that take them into diverse industries.

"Our staff are clearly focused on maintaining the high standards and expectations for learning that we share with our families and students.”

Mrs Harrison said St Patrick's students had contributed to many aspects of our wider community.

"Most notably their engagement with St Patrick's Primary School during 2018 has enriched our parish,” she said.

"This is particularly evident through our transition programs, Walk to School Days, Founder's Day, combined schools' liturgies and curriculum programs in the areas of Mathematics and Reading.

"The efforts of our students have not gone unnoticed. Their care and hospitality to others ensures that authentic relationships are formed with those within and beyond our immediate Prep to Year 12 educational precinct. "

Mrs Harrison paid tribute to parish priest Father Pat Cassidy who retires this year after 11 years of service to the parish.

" Fr Pat is a person of deep faith who listens with compassion and wisdom,” she said. "He has joined the college in many celebrations over his time here as parish priest and I thank him for his spiritual guidance and generosity.

"Personally, I thank him for his care and love of our school community.

"Since my appointment, I have often stated that it is a privilege to be the principal of St Patrick's College.

"I get to work with very dedicated and committed staff who care and want to journey with our young people and each other.

"Staff who contribute to a positive environment for the learning growth of all. A journey that promotes our spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth.

"I thank the 56 staff of the college, and I am grateful for the values they live, and their passion for what we do - teach.

"Tonight we acknowledge the success of our students but on this World Teachers Day it is also appropriate to celebrate and thank all of our staff. Of special note Mr Andrew Newton was named the Best Secondary Teacher in Gympie in the online version of the Gympie Times.

"There are three staff members that I would also like to specifically recognise - Alain Pitot, Senior Leader Learning and Identity, BCE, Robyn Murphy, Margaret Beadles and Fran Millard.

:Mrs Murphy and Mrs Margaret Beadles are committed educators who have contributed much to St Patrick's.

"Today we recognise Robyn for her 30 years of teaching service to Brisbane Catholic Education. Although now retired, we fondly welcome her return to our staff and classrooms as a relief teacher and tonight as a special awards presenter.

"Mrs Beadles is recognised for 20 years of service also and is acknowledged for her skills in the areas of Science and Maths.

"Mrs Millard this week celebrates her 20th anniversary of service to Brisbane Catholic education. Fran is a friendly face for our students and a friendly voice to our families on the phone in the office. We thank each of them for their committed to our college.

"I would like to thank our parents for your support as partners in your child's learning.

"In addition, I would like to thank our students for their contributions to this our college family.

"I would like to acknowledge the support of Fr Pat, Ms Sue Geaney and the College Leadership Team - Mr Tim Malone, Mr Glen Albion, Mrs Paula Elvy and Ms Tami Hammond - and thank them for their unwavering support.

"I wish our 2018 graduates success in their future endeavours and I look forward to journeying with our continuing community members in 2019.”