Netballer's stalker gets three years jail

FOR more than five years, Stephen John Grott formed a complicated web of lies to prey on unsuspecting women online.

Using Facebook and Instagram under the pseudonym Jayke Williams, Grott stalked a Dalby teenager and Queensland Firebirds star Romelda Aiken.

Grott yesterday pleaded guilty to unlawful stalking, using a carriage service to harass and dealing with another person's identification when he appeared at Dalby Magistrates Court.

Police said that in April 2013, an Instagram account with the username Jayke_W started following Aiken's account.

Aiken and the Jayke Williams account became friends on Facebook.

The fake profile created by Grott, which featured photos of a different male person, stated Williams was a 23-year-old male from Gympie playing reserve grade rugby league for the Manly Sea Eagles.

Aiken and Grott traded numbers and started chatting on the smartphone messaging service Viber.

In May, 2013, Aiken sent Grott a photo of her naked.

Queensland Firebird Romelda Aiken was stalked by Dalby businessman Stephen John Grott.
Queensland Firebird Romelda Aiken was stalked by Dalby businessman Stephen John Grott. Sarah Harvey

When Aiken cut communication, Grott created another Instagram account and publicly posted the photo in July, 2013.

Police said Grott also sent abusive and racist messages to Aiken's Facebook account.

Fearing for her safety, Aiken deleted all her social media accounts.

Six months later, in January, 2014, a fake Instagram account in Aiken's name posted the naked photo and screenshots of the abusive Facebook messages.

Police launched an investigation to uncover the user of the Facebook profile Jayke Williams.

In October, 2014, police raided Grott's Mt Lofty home and seized electronic devices.

Police identified photos of the man used for the Jayke Williams' Facebook profile, in addition to sexually explicit photos of men and women and an Excel spreadsheet ranking seven women on physical features.

Jayke Williams was the same name Grott used to stalk a Dalby teenager, starting in 2009.

Grott added the Dalby State High School student - who was 15 at the time - on Facebook, and began talking to her on a daily basis.

The teenager sent numerous photos to the Williams Facebook account after Grott requested them, including one of her naked.

Grott frequently spoke sexually to the teenage victim and would make arrangements to meet her and then later cancel.

When the girl entered into a relationship with another boy in Dalby, Grott abused the victim through messages and the Facebook page Dalby Gossip.

Grott sent a naked photo of the teenager to between 50 and 70 of her friends from another Facebook account when she started to ignore his messages.

An account on the dating website Plenty of Fish also listed the victim's phone number and photos she had only sent to Grott.

The teenager continued to receive messages from Grott and other Facebook accounts claiming to be friends of Williams until April, 2013, when Grott began stalking Aiken.

She attempted to commit suicide in 2011 and later moved from Dalby.

Magistrate Kay Ryan yesterday described Grott's actions as "disgusting and appalling".

Ms Ryan sentenced Grott to three years in prison.

He will be released on parole on January 22 next year.