NETBALL: Legendary netball coach Noeline Taurua in action with the Lightning.
NETBALL: Legendary netball coach Noeline Taurua in action with the Lightning. Patrick Woods

Star Gympie netballer keen for Lightning, Kiwi coach's visit

NETBALL: Excitement is building among Gympie's netball community ahead of Sunshine Coast Lightning and New Zealand Silver Ferns coach Noeline Taurua arriving in town for her "A Night with Noeline” event tomorrow.

Aspiring local netballer Breanna Pearce, who plays 16s rep games on the coast every week as well as mixed games on the Gympie courts every Monday night, said she was looking forward to meeting one of her idols once again.

Netball - Breanna Pearce
Netballer Breanna Pearce is looking forward to meeting one of her idols tomorrow in Gympie. LEEROY TODD

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"As an aspiring player I'm excited just to meet her. I've met her before but I'd love to have a more in-depth conversation with her,” Pearce said.

"I'm a big Lightning supporter, (Noeline) has videos of drills she does with the players and I'll do those drills on my own as training.

"It's good having a team so close to us now, not just the Firebirds. We have more connection with the club and it gives girls confidence that maybe they have a chance of playing professionally.”

Under-14 rep coach Wendy Emmerson said she had taken plenty of inspiration from Noeline's coaching methods.

"We've been and watched Lightning training sessions on the sidelines, and the players will have a conversation amongst themselves about what they're going to get out there and do on the court rather than just bellowing orders at them,” Emmerson said.

"She teaches others to communicate well. She's very inspirational for sport and women's sport. She's very hands-on, when we went down for training sessions she was getting out on the court and inspiring these girls, firing them up. She's passionate about inspiring the up-and-coming girls.”

"I have my girls go out and discuss what they're going to do on the court, they know how to think and work as a team in conversations together. I don't need to bellow orders.”

A Night with Noeline will be held from 6-8pm.

Adult tickets cost $40 per person and children $20 per person. The dress code for the evening is smart casual. Tickets includes drinks and canapes package. Buy tickets by visiting gympiebox or in person at the Gympie Box Office.