Donna Reardon is vying for the division 7 seat in March.
Donna Reardon is vying for the division 7 seat in March.

State candidate eyes Gympie council seat

A STATE election contender is stepping into the race for a seat on the next Gympie Regional Council.

Donna Reardon has the Division 7 seat held by deputy mayor Bob Leitch in her sights, and she believes she can “make a difference”.

“I’m not scared of any hard work,” she said yesterday.

Tourism was one area she said still had untapped potential.

“We’ve got so many wonderful facilities here that haven’t been tapped into. The Mary River, for one. We’ve got that great walk way, but does anyone in Brisbane know about that?

“Anybody driving through, do they stop and take that walk? We’ve got great facilities at Rainbow Beach.”

Donna Reardon, Division 7 candidate
Donna Reardon, Division 7 candidate

The ongoing shooting range saga is well on her radar, and has been an issue for sporting shooters for decades.

“We’ve got great potential to offer facilities for a shooting range,” Ms Reardon said. She is not a shooter but is “very mindful” of the sport and those who enjoy it.

“It is in the Olympics,” she said.

The fully licensed real estate agent and corporate sector worker is taking her fourth shot at winning election.

In 2012, she contested the Division 7 seat, claiming 14 per cent of the vote to finish third (behind now-mayor Mick Curran and Donna Neilson).

At the 2016 election her support jumped to 32 per cent, but she ultimately lost to Mr Leitch.

Deputy mayor Bob Leitch.
Deputy mayor Bob Leitch.

She then threw her hat into the state government ring, running as an independent in 2017 against incumbent LNP representative Tony Perrett.

She finished last with 4 per cent of the vote.

And what needs to change under the next council?

“That’s something you’d have to determine when you get in there,” she said.

“Because they’re being very closeted about most things it’s difficult to make any assumptions.”