Believe it or not, Queenslanders aren’t always decked out in maroon face paint and wigs.
Believe it or not, Queenslanders aren’t always decked out in maroon face paint and wigs.

Things a cane toad (or cockroach) would never say

TRAVEL giant has weighed in to State of Origin fever, compiling hilarious lists of the things Queensland and NSW travellers would never say on holidays.

In the ultimate state-against-state battle for traveller supremacy, both sides are adamant they have the better beaches, and while Queenslanders scoff at NSW cafes, the feeling is mutual when it comes to Queensland wineries.


* Gee it's hot today.

If you're a born and bred Queenslander, the rest of the world, including NSW feels like a frozen tundra.

* I'm so over Queensland beaches.

Sorry NSW, but your little swimming spots pale in comparison. We're a state full of beach snobs and we will not apologise.

* I just love the coffee in NSW.

Sure, Sydney's inner west has great coffee, vegan eateries and cool boutiques, but can it truly call itself Australia's hipster capital? Nooope, 'cause just over a month ago, QLD's beloved Gold Coast was officially awarded the title.

* The people you meet travelling are so friendly.

We're not saying everyone outside of QLD is a jerk … but sometimes it feels like it, especially in a big city (ahem, Sydney)! It's a comparison thing. Even in our capital, Brisbane, people are usually chilled-out, friendly and keen for a chat. To a born-and-bred Queenslander, anything less than instant mateship can feel like a snub.

Brisbane’s Story Bridge takes on a maroon hue.
Brisbane’s Story Bridge takes on a maroon hue.


* Meh, our harbour isn't THAT great.

There are other great harbours in the world. Hong Kong, Alaska, and Cape Town are famous for having some of the best. But they're not a scratch on the iconic Sydney Harbour and every NSWelshman knows it. And the Brisbane River doesn't even warrant a mention in comparison. Sorry, not sorry, QLD friends.

* Let's visit the Queensland wine regions!

Pfft! Lol, no. Sure, QLD's Darling Downs are beautiful, with a neat little boutique wine scene, but they just can't compete with Australia's oldest wine region, the Hunter Valley.

* I wish Sydney had a decent beach.

Bondi, Manly, Cronulla, Coogee, Clovelly, Maroubra, Dee Why … Sydney has 37 beautiful beaches within a 30-min drive of the CBD. But nice try with Streets Beach, Brisbane.