WASTE WORRY: Craig Campbell is concerned a waste levy would hurt Gympie's building industry.
WASTE WORRY: Craig Campbell is concerned a waste levy would hurt Gympie's building industry. Renee Albrecht

State waste levy may dump more pressure on Gympie's builders

A WASTE levy to fight unscrupulous interstate commercial operators could dump more pressure on an industry feeling the pinch from local gate fees, Gympie building industry members fear.

The levy, earmarked by the State Government to end the monstrous import of New South Wales rubbish, could be set at the same $60-70 price as other states.

While it was still early days in the discussion, Built Right Solutions director Brad Schull said it could have a long-term impact on Gympie's industry which had already had house construction prices rise by $1000 since the introduction of gate fees in the region.

He hoped the government would keep the industry up to date on what was planned.

"It would be good for them to release some of their costings,” he said.

Hotondo Homes Gympie owner Chris Dodt also hoped for more information. He was wary that a levy could hurt an industry only just back on its feet.

"It will definitely dull off the knife edge,” he said.

Campbells Truck and Bobcat and Landscape Supplies owner Craig Campbell agreed the increase would put stress on the region's builders.

He said the average construction created between 10-15 tonnes of rubbish, and builders had to put it somewhere.

It could also lead to more illegal dumping, which was already on the upswing "tenfold” since Gympie's general gate fees came in.

"It's actually getting quite bad. We cleaned up one park (in Tamaree) three times in one week.

"It's getting quite expensive for people.”

A council spokeswoman said illegal dumping was a problem before fees came in, and council "has seen no documented increase in illegal dumping since the user pay structure was introduced”.

Mr Campbell was sympathetic to the council's plight on waste fees and said they had to do something. "It's a cost that we have to live with.”