True Blood's Stephen Moyer.
True Blood's Stephen Moyer.

Stephen Moyer allowed to bite boobs

TRUE Blood star Stephen Moyer's wife lets him "bite" other women's boobs.

The British actor – vampire Bill Compton in the US series - is married to his co-star, Anna Paquin, who doesn't mind when other women make requests for him to bite them like his character in intimate places.

He told Men's Health magazine: "I get to sign boobs a lot. I get to bite boobs occasionally, when I'm allowed. If my missus is there and she approves of the person I get to bite boobs - and necks."

Stephen, 41, married Anna, 28, last August, and told how he first noticed his future wife at their very first rehearsal for the show.

He added: "We had met at the very first rehearsal before my screen test for the pilot.

"Our interest was piqued by each other but at that point it was like, we're about to work together for a long time, hopefully, if the show gets picked up.

"They put us in a hotel, we were in the same hotel. We were having dinner every night. I got back to London and Anna got back to New York and I just missed speaking to her every day and Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt, and you have a marriage."

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