Weddings in the Byron Shire could be all over by 8.30pm if the council has its way.
Weddings in the Byron Shire could be all over by 8.30pm if the council has its way. Zach Hogg BUN230613EXP15

Stop the party! Council wants 8.30pm wedding curfew

THE newly formed Byron Event Industry Association has thrown its weight behind Byron Shire Council's efforts to amend the LEP and regulate the wedding and event industry.

But the group's chair wants those in the industry to continue lobbying the council regarding curfew times, pushing for a a more realistic 10pm curfew rather than the proposed 8.30pm.

They also argue against a one-size-fits-all approach to venue regulation.

"We founded the BEIA 11 months ago to ensure proper management practice across our burgeoning wedding and event industry," BEIA chair Jane Magnus said.

"According to our figures, with affiliated services around event tourism, weddings alone contributed $72 million to our local economy in 2017.

"The increase in local Airbnb properties and lack of finite rules in short-term letting emphasises how much our industry needs commercial and sustainable regulation.

"But we feel that in the council's desire to regulate, it is not looking after professionals who want to do the right thing in order to control rogue operators who will just rent a place through an online letting platform and host an unregulated event regardless."

Planner Rob van Iersel said any change to the Byron LEP had to be made by the NSW Government and the council wanted to make sure the controls drafted would lead to the desired outcomes.

"These controls around things like site suitability, acoustic assessments and traffic management and this may mean that not all properties currently operating will be able to continue," he said.