A late afternoon storm is on the cards as temperatures soar around southeast Queensland. Picture AAP/David Clark
A late afternoon storm is on the cards as temperatures soar around southeast Queensland. Picture AAP/David Clark

Storms on the cards as temperatures soar

SEVERE storms could bring heavy rainfall and damaging winds to parts of southeast Queensland this afternoon.

It comes as temperatures are expected to soar today and tomorrow, with the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) saying the southeast and parts of central and north Queensland were experiencing a "low-intensity heatwave". Some parts of the southeast and central Queensland were expected to experience "severe heatwave" conditions.

BoM predicted the thunderstorms would most likely impact the area around the Sunshine Coast hinterland to Gympie and Gayndah, with a possible risk of large hail. Brisbane and Ipswich can also expect a possible storm today.

A BOM meteorologist spokesman said southeast Queensland residents could also expect hotter days than usual, with predicted maximum temperatures of 35C and 36C for Brisbane today and tomorrow respectively. Ipswich is expected to see a top of 36C and 41C tomorrow.

There is a 60 per cent chance of storms for several parts of the southeast this afternoon and early evening.

Rain and thunderstorms are also forecast for Thursday and Friday afternoon and evenings, with showers on the weekend.

"There is the potential for very isolated severe storms in the mix there, because there's damaging with gusts in excess of 90 kilometre per hour, mainly around the Sunshine Coast hinterland," the spokesman said.

"It's warming up today and tomorrow and Ipswich and Beaudesert could get up to 41 degrees tomorrow.

"It will be cooling off cooling off from Thursday but remaining generally on the warm side for the weekend."

After today's top of 35C and then 36C tomorrow, Brisbane temperatures are set to reach maximums of 33C on Thursday, 31C on Friday, 30C on Saturday and 31C on Sunday.

The Gold Coast can expect tops of 33C today, 35C tomorrow, 30C on Thursday and down to 27C Friday.

The Sunshine Coast can expect a top of 33C today, 35C tomorrow, 32C Thursday and down to 29C Friday.

For the rest of the state, flood warnings remain current for several parts of the north while a fire weather warning has been issued for the Central Highlands and Coalfields, Maranoa and Warrego and Darling Downs and Granite Belt forecast districts.

"A surface trough over southern and central districts will move slowly east over the coming days. A hot and very dry air mass resides to the west of the trough," the BoM said.

"The forecast hot and dry conditions will create severe fire dangers across forested areas of Maranoa Warrego, Darling Downs Granite Belt and southwestern Central Highlands and Coalfields on Tuesday.

"The severe fire dangers are likely to persist in the same districts into Wednesday."

Dalby is expecting a top of 37C today and 40C tomorrow, Goondiwindi 39C both days, Warwick 36C today and 39C tomorrow.

Further west, Birdville is looking at a top of 43C today and 34C tomorrow. In central Queensland Emerald is expecting 41C today and 42C tomorrow, Biloela is looking at a top of 37C today and 42C tomorrow while Rockhampton can expect 36C today and 37C tomorrow.

In the state's north Cairns is looking at a top of 35C today and 34C tomorrow while Townsville is expecting 35C both days.