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STREET TALK: What does Gladstone think of Pauline Hanson

6th July 2016 6:24 AM

IT'S the minor party that's having a major affect on the election, with 3298 Gladstone voters choosing One Nation to represent Flynn in Canberra.

Over the Flynn electorate 11,306 (16.7%) voted for One Nation to represent them, which is the fourth most 'pro-Pauline Hanson' seat out of the 150 in Australia.

Calliope had the strongest backing for the One Nation Party with 18.3% voting for its candidate Phil Baker.

Boyne Island was a big fan of the party too with 15.5% but oddly, just on the other side of the Boyne River, Tannum Sands had 8.79% support the party.

It was a similar theme with the Chanel College booth that only had 9.68% draw a one next to the One Nation Party compared to 12.83% in Gladstone West, the suburb Chanel is located in, and 15.53% in Kin Kora which is next door.

Yarwun had the highest percentage of One Nation voters with 23.13%, but that was only 34 votes out of a total of 153, and Mount Larcom had 16.91% which was 59 people.