The V-Dub stuck at Teewah Beach, requiring assistance from Clayton's Towing.
The V-Dub stuck at Teewah Beach, requiring assistance from Clayton's Towing. Clayton's Towing

'Stuck for hours': V-Dub stranded on soft sand of Teewah

VEHICLE recovery kings Clayton's Towing has a new toy in its fleet, which has come to the aid of a pair of vehicles close to a sandy grave.

Affectionately dubbed Big Bertha, the off-road specialist vehicle has only been part of the fleet for a matter of months, but already been put to good use.

A pair of naive beachgoers risked the soft sand of Teewah Beach at Noosa North Shore, which was ultimately their downfall.

Before two days of downpours the dry weather made the passing without a capable 4WD almost impossible, according to Clayton's.


"It's not uncommon for us to do beach recoveries, not at all, but seeing a V-Dub (Volkswagen) was a little different," general manager Mike Clayton said.

"We were surprised at how far the driver had got, they reckoned they'd been to up to Fraser and the end of North Shore.

"But it was really soft and after a friend who come to their aid, where the winch failed, they called us for help. They'd been there for hours.

"When we were called it was a difficult tow, even Bertha was sinking."

Bertha was also required to assist a rental car - a 2wd Mitsubishi Lancer - out of its depth after a "big run-up" failed.

"Bertha is set up to head off-road and up the beach," Mr Clayton said.

"It has front and rear winches, a tilt tray, specially designed anchor legs and self-extraction hydraulic foot to push itself out if it gets bogged.

"It has massive tyres with computer control auto deflation and inflation systems, so you can change tyre pressures on the go.

"We do recover all types of vehicles, and sometimes they aren't what you would expect."