The action in Memorial Park this morning as students Strike4Climate.
The action in Memorial Park this morning as students Strike4Climate.

Students strike for climate in Memorial Park this morning

GYMPIE students are staging a Strike for Climate event in Memorial Park this morning, one of 70 events taking place throughout Australia today - and 500 globally - to call out "political inaction on climate ahead” two weeks out from the federal election.

The students want climate leadership from elected members to stop the Adani coal mine, no new fossil fuels and 100 per cent renewables by 2030.

Other strikes involving thousands of people have been held at the offices of federal MPs

In Memorial Park, students held speeches, musical performances, chants, marching and more. Strikers will also be recruiting students to turn out at polling booths across the country for election day on May 18.

"The Federal Election is just weeks away but neither of the major parties have a plan to stop dangerous climate change - so we're stepping things up and everyone is invited,” a spokesman for the Gympie event said.

"On March 15th, 150,000 of us rallied across Australia to call for the Government to treat climate change like the crisis it is. But instead of listening to us and taking urgent action to stop climate change, the Government is still trying to help build giant new coal mines like Adani's in Queensland.

"May 3rd is the #ClimateElection National Day of Action across Australia - and we need everyone there! We'll be visible along the main road beside Albert Park to let all Gympie residents know - we WILL make this the #ClimateElection, and our politicians need to step up their commitment to action:

1. #StopAdani

2. No new fossil fuels

3. 100% Renewables by 2030

"Climate change is here and it's hurting people now. The impacts are all around us: extreme heat, drought, floods and more. The #ClimateElection National Day of Action is a deadline for all politicians to step up and tell the community whether they will lead be a climate leader.

"On May 3 we want everyone in Gympie out to support, so we can send a message to our Wide Bay member Llew O'Brien and let him know his party is failing us on climate.

"To change the politics of climate change we need everyone - this action is for the young, old and everyone in between - see you there!”