Gympie Times Editor Craig Warhurst
Gympie Times Editor Craig Warhurst Tanya Easterby

Study goes long way for future

IT IS great to see a flood mitigation study finally underway in the Gympie region.

For far too long the community has argued the pros and cons of a host of different flood mitigation measures.

Everyone seems to have their own idea on what the solution is.

Hopefully now, once the study is complete, we will have the knowledge to make educated decisions on measures to help our community.

I for one am excited about the outcome.

It should clear the air for progress and if the worst happens and every option is too expensive or will make little difference to the height of flooding at least people know.

Businesses in low-lying areas can then make a judgement call on what is best for them without hoping a solution is just around the corner.

Let's hope the study does discover some economically viable options to mitigate flooding in our region and then the council can secure funding to make it happen so the burden doesn't fall to ratepayers.