Former SuperCoach NRL champs Sam Rohlf and Wilfred Zee. Picture: Annette Dew
Former SuperCoach NRL champs Sam Rohlf and Wilfred Zee. Picture: Annette Dew

SuperCoach NRL: How to kick goals with research

PROUD Queenslanders Sam Rohlf and Wilfred Zee know information is power when it comes to SuperCoach NRL.

The duo share the honour of having been crowned SuperCoach champions, with Rohlf taking out the title in 2017 and Zee the 2016 winner.

And as they prepare for season 2019, they have shared their winning tips - fill up on as much information as possible, plan well but be prepared for changes and trust your gut instinct.

Rohlf said he spent an hour a day checking his SuperCoach team, reading articles and analysing stats and that played a big part in his 2017 victory.

"Information is power in this game," he said.

"The more information you have, the better you can go, I believe."

Zee, meanwhile, said he was a big planner but also had to learn to be flexible given the unpredictability of rugby league.

"Things happen every week so have a big overall plan in mind but be willing to change it up as you get new information," he said. "The more research you do, the more info you have, the better you understand what's going on the field.

"It helps you, for sure.

"Trusting your gut is also key."



Both Rohlf and Zee now contribute to the weekly expert SuperCoach analysis from The Courier-Mail and Daily Telegraph, providing the information they once sought for themselves.

But, while both have their winning tips, Rohlf said luck still played a major factor in SuperCoach.

"A lot of luck is involved in the game," he said.

"There's a lot of sliding-door moments when trades are made.

"You can look at two different players, go one way and the other player could be the one who shoots off with great scores and the player you have gets injured.

"There are those risks every week in the game.

"The minute you think you're on top on this game, something happens. You're always learning."