Michelle Todd, Shannon Garson and Rebecca Lindemann at the Gympie Regional Gallery.
Michelle Todd, Shannon Garson and Rebecca Lindemann at the Gympie Regional Gallery. Jacob Carson

Superstition takes the stage at the Gympie Gallery

HANGING on the wall, eyes fixed on the room around it, a black cat surveys the scene at the Gympie Regional Gallery.

On a pedestal to the right, a pair of shoes hang silently by their laces from a telephone wire as artists Michelle Todd and Rebecca Lindemann mingle amongst the crowd.

They're the quirks or signs that we move and schedule our lives around every day, and superstitions have become the main focus of a new exhibition at the Gallery.

Looking to move beyond the stereotypical depictions of superstitions, both Ms Lindemann and Ms Todd have drawn from their own personal experiences in creating the pieces.

Shoes, for example, feature prominently in Ms Todd's work.

"Over 20 years I've been conscious of pairs of shoes on the side of the road,” she says.

"They have consistently guided me to know when sudden changes are to occur in my life, moving home or town, new jobs or house sales.”

It's a personal mythology, she explains, something to explain her own journey through life.

Rebecca Lindemann's contributions to the exhibit takes a different tack entirely.

Inspired by her Mothar Mountain surrounds, nature and spiritualism factor into her works prominently.

Anthropomorphism, that is giving human characteristics to inanimate or animal objects, is also well-represented.

The viewer is invited to consider their own superstitions and beliefs that have surrounded significant events and places in their lives.

The Superstition Room is running until August 12 at the Gympie Regional Gallery.