Voters will decide this weekend who will represent them in NSW Government.
Voters will decide this weekend who will represent them in NSW Government. Bev Lacey

Surprising election tips from betting agencies

NO MATTER what way the vote goes, the NSW election is set to be a real nail biter, with betting agencies predicting both the Lismore and Ballina races to be tight.

The latest Ladbrokes betting results put Country Labor's candidate Janelle Saffin winning the seat of Lismore at $1.65.

The win would mean a big upset to the Nationals, as retiring Lismore MP ends his 20-year stronghold on the electorate.

While the winner could be reliant on two-party preferences, Ladbrokes is calling second place a tie with both the Nationals and the Greens at $3.50.

Ladbrokes commentator Dylan Leach said the Lismore election is like a three-horse race but he's not ruling out the Greens securing extra votes.

"Lismore has always traditionally been seen as a Country/National party heartland seat, but they suffered a major swing against them at the 2015 election," Mr Leach said.

"With sitting Nationals MP Thomas George calling it a day, Lismore is going to be on for young and old.

"Coal Seam gas is not as big of an issue in 2019, which might make it hard for The Greens but if preferences split between the National vote and Labor vote, it could be a case where the Greens do a Bradbury and find themselves winning Lismore."

Meanwhile, in the Ballina electorate incumbent Greens Tamara Smith could expect to be turfed out after one term in government, with Ladbrokes predicting Nationals candidate Ben Franklin to win at $2.10.

"Taking in the likes of Byron Bay and Brunswick Heads, Ballina is currently held by the Greens with a margin of 3.1 per cent," Mr Leach said.

"The seat was previously held by The Nationals up until 1988 but the issue of coal seam gas and a retiring Nationals MP saw the seat fall into the hands of The Greens Tamara Smith.

"The issue of Coal Seam Gas isn't as a major issue at this election and the Nationals candidate Ben Franklin is a seasoned campaigner being the former state director of the party.

"While Byron is stereotypically known as an on-brand Greens area, it's a very good chance of falling back to the National Party."

Ladbrokes puts Ms Smith in third place at $3.75, with Country Labor candidate and first time campaigner Asren Pugh coming second at $2.35.

But despite who wins each seat, Ladbrokes is tipping the Coalition to retain government at $1.36 and Labor trailing behind them at $3.