Australian Survivor host Jonathan LaPaglia.
Australian Survivor host Jonathan LaPaglia.

Survivor star hits out: ‘Chaos will reign’

Poor Mat Rogers didn't stand a chance of sticking around on Survivor: All-Stars after last week's tribe swap separated him from his core alliance members.

The former rugby player, 44, admitted at Monday night's tribal council that he could have done more to try and secure a foothold in the game after his tribe lost yet another challenge.

"I should've put my hand up and done the puzzle (in today's challenge) I'm on the chopping block and that's where the game's won and lost, so I should've put my hand up and done it, but I didn't," he told his tribe.

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Attempting to take the heat off himself, Mat suggested the tribe should send a "sneaky" player home - in particular, Harry.

"Tonight's a defining moment for everyone. For me, I could go home. For them, they could make a huge play and keep me in the game. That next challenge is where things are going to turn for us, and I think I can do that. Think about the next challenge when you go to vote," he said.


Mat Rogers didn't have a hope of sticking around.
Mat Rogers didn't have a hope of sticking around.


Harry got a few votes too.
Harry got a few votes too.

His speech did seem to get some of his tribemates thinking - Flick admitted she was "still trying to decide" whether it was a wise decision to vote out Mat given he was "a big asset in this game."

But Mat's pleas were in vain, and he was voted out of the game.

"Mat offered you all a deal, which none of you took. Time will tell if that becomes a half-million dollar mistake," host Jonathan LaPaglia told the tribe after Rogers' torch had been snuffed.

Speaking after his elimination, Rogers had a dire prediction for the tribemates who'd just turned on him.

"Chaos will reign. They'll lose challenges and all be working against each other, all trying to pull each other apart. They will be destroyed once the remaining faction gets to merge."

Survivor: All-Stars continues 7:30pm Tuesday on Ten.