Suspended jail term for child basher dad

CHILDREN must be protected.

The message was clear in court this week when a man who threw his five year-old son, kicked him to the ground and put his hands under hot water faced Gympie Magistrates Court charged with assault.

The 42-year-old, who can not be identified, pleaded guilty to the offence, which occurred in northern Queensland on March 24.

The man, who was given a jail term of six months, but suspended for 12 months, hung his head in shame when the details unfolded before the court.

The court heard the father was angered when he found his son had urinated on the toilet floor; demanding he clean it up. He lifted him off the floor by the neck and threw him about one to one and half metres across the room.

He then lifted him by the neck again, pushed him and then kicked him to the ground as he ran towards the bathroom.

It heard the boy fell to the ground near the toilet, causing his tongue and nose to bleed steadily from both nostrils. The father then pushed the child to the sink and put his hand, which was holding a cloth, under the burning hot water tap.

Magistrate M. Baldwin said the circumstances were tragic, but one that all parents needed to know about.

She said the impact of child abuse is damaging and irreversible. The days were gone where parents could think it was their God-given right to discipline any way they wanted, she said.

"You're the only dad he's got. "A dad is there to look after... and to protect... and you've assaulted him in this way. "Obviously you're remorseful - it's something a parent has to live with when they over-react," she noted as the man welled up with regret.

She made it clear any discipline of a child that is not appropriate will result in a prison term.