Suspended sentence for mum caught drink-driving, twice

A MOTHER with a poor driving history, who was caught drink-driving twice in one day, has been sentenced to jail.

Catriona Anne Williams was involved in a traffic incident about 1pm on January 6, at Tewantin.

The court heard police caught up with Williams a short time after, just as she was pulling into the driveway of a Cooroy home, but Williams ran from police and hid behind a fence in a neighbouring yard.

Police reported Williams smelt of liquor when she was caught and she recorded a blood alcohol concentration of 0.058.

As a result, Williams was charged and immediately suspended from driving for 24 hours.

About 10pm that same day, Williams failed to give way to a police car on Red Hill Rd in Gympie.

When police spoke with her for the second time that day, they discovered she was driving while suspended and with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.057.

The court head Williams had previous drink-driving offences in 2008 and 2009, for which she was given probation.

The 23-year-old told the court she didn't drive from Cooroy to Gympie, however had driven again that evening to pick up her daughter.

She pleaded guilty to two counts of drink-driving and one count of driving without a licence.

She was given 12 months probation and disqualified from driving for five months for the first drink-driving offences.

She was then sentenced to two months jail, suspended for two years and disqualified from driving for nine months for the second drink-driving offence and was then sentenced to another two months jail, suspended for two years and disqualified for six months for driving unlicensed.