Adam Lambert.
Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert is swinging into Glee role

AMERICAN singer-songwriter Adam Lambert may have come into his new role as Elliot Starchild on the hit musical show Glee "a little green".

But he was a "pretty quick study" and hit the ground running, filming his first musical number for the hit show on the first day of shooting.

Lambert makes his Glee debut when the show returns this week after a short hiatus.

The show promises to make up for lost time, when it pits the Lady Gagas of the Glee Club against the Katy Perrys.

Lambert performs a cover of Gaga's hit, Marry the Night, from the 2011 album, Born This Way, in the episode.

The Los Angeles performer said there was no denying Gaga was "such a talent and visionary".

Although Lambert said as a performer he didn't replicate her work, he imagined his character would "probably idolise Gaga".

"I tried to make it as though he was even emulating some of her moves," he said.

The 2009 American Idol runner-up said Starchild was a collaborative effort between himself, writers and the costume designers on the show.

"We wanted him to be a character - not me," he laughed.

"He is similar to me - he reminds me of me where I was seven years ago - a version of myself."

Lambert has been involved in the theatre and music industries since he was a young boy.

He said he hoped to pursue more work as an actor in the future while still pursuing his singing career.

He said he hoped to soon release some of the new music he has been working on.

Glee - ELEVEN - Friday at 7.30pm