ADVICE: Magistrate Maxine Baldwin advised Trent Robert Kwast to take a drinking buddy next time he hit the town.
ADVICE: Magistrate Maxine Baldwin advised Trent Robert Kwast to take a drinking buddy next time he hit the town. Facebook

'Take a drinking buddy next time': Magistrate's sage advice

AN 18-year-old who found himself offside with security guards and police while celebrating a mate's 18th has been told to take a drinking buddy with him next time.

Trent Robert Kwast had been celebrating a mate's 18th birthday in Ocean St, Maroochydore, on April 21, when the drink got the better of him.

Maroochydore Magistrates Court heard the 18-year-old had been asked to leave a venue and escorted from the premises about 1am.

Security guards alerted police when a short time later they saw Kwast in line, attempting to re-enter the venue.

Police officers saw Kwast was heavily intoxicated and they told him to leave Ocean St, which is within the Safe Night Precinct.

The court heard Kwast walked about 10m away from police and then stopped on a railing.

He was arrested and spent 5-6 hours in the watchhouse.

Real estate Maxine Baldwin selling her house in Gympie.
SAGE ADVICE: Magistrate Maxine Baldwin had some words of wisdom for one young reveller. Renee Albrecht

The teen graduated from high school last year and was eager to find work in the trades, possibly as a plumber.

He had no criminal history and still lived at home.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin had sought to deal with the youngster by way of a good behaviour bond, but had no choice but to impose a fine.

"You just have to take a buddy when you're drinking so that you have someone who says 'mate, don't do that',” she said.

"Either that, or actually drink responsibly.”

She said responsible drinking seemed to be a "foreign concept” to most people that appeared before her.

"Why do you have to get drunk?” Magistrate Baldwin said.

"You all know that if you don't get drunk, you just get happy.

"There's a lot of people sitting in jail scratching their head going 'I wish I could remember what I did, I was so drunk I don't remember'.”

Magistrate Baldwin offered some sage advice to the young man, who'd never been in trouble with the law before.

"You've got to work it out, if you're going out for five hours, have five drinks,” she said.

"If you wake up and you think 'oh, I can remember everything and yep, I got home', that's fine, then try seven.

"The day you get home and go 'mmm, last night was a bit fuzzy, what was I up to, seven?', you go back to six.”

She advised him to stick with one drink an hour and supplement it with coke or water.

She said the minute people drank too much their judgment went to a glass of beer.

"And your judgment won't have a single problem with putting you in jail,” she warned.

Kwast was fined $150, but had no conviction recorded against him.