Blake Robert John Synot pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing John Hamilton's death.
Blake Robert John Synot pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing John Hamilton's death. FACEBOOK

Take this tragedy and teach others, young driver told

A DISTRACTED driver who caused a man's death after running a red light has been urged to teach others about the tragic effects of bad driving.

John Hamilton, 80, died after the Brisbane CBD crash in June last year.

Ipswich man Blake Robert John Synot was caught speeding a few weeks after and despite that "very concerning" speeding incident, Judge Ian Dearden said Synot had showed "immediate remorse" about Mr Hamilton's death.

The judge said Synot, 22, was not totally to blame, as faulty GPS had caused the distraction.

Traffic footage was played to Brisbane District Court on Thursday.

The court heard Synot was delivering goods for Coles.

Prosecutors said Synot ran the red light then swerved to avoid pedestrians before his truck struck Mr Hamilton on Adelaide St.

The footage showed concerned people, one wearing what appeared to be an advertising sandwich board, immediately rushing to Mr Hamilton's aid.

But Mr Hamilton died later from organ failure.

Synot co-operated with police and pleaded guilty on Thursday to dangerous driving causing death.

Judge Dearden said Synot was looking towards a mobile phone in the cabin console to navigate, because supplied GPS was not working.

The distraction was "at least in part the responsibility of your employer", Judge Dearden told Synot.

But the judge said an older or more experienced driver might have refused to drive until the GPS was fixed.

Judge Dearden said no matter what he told drivers who caused someone else's death "I cannot bring back the life of somebody that was needlessly lost".

The judge said his own cousin died in a traffic accident years ago.

Judge Dearden said every time somebody died in a crash "a little piece of us dies" too, and these fatalities were preventable.

Synot had no prior criminal history.

He was convicted and sentenced to two years' jail, suspended immediately, and disqualified from driving for two years.

Judge Dearden urged Synot to now teach others about safe driving.

The judge said Mr Hamilton's daughter had written of her wish for Synot to "prevent the same situation happening to someone else". -NewsRegional