WORK OUT: Connie Goodwin has taken part in the Deadly Steps Together Program for two weeks.
WORK OUT: Connie Goodwin has taken part in the Deadly Steps Together Program for two weeks.

Taking 'deadly steps' to better, healthier lifestyle

NEW health and wellness program crafted specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people has West Moreton men and women taking "deadly steps" towards better health.

The Deadly Steps Together Program is a tailored exercise and lifestyle program for Indigenous people living with or at risk of developing a chronic condition.

Developed by West Moreton Health, the program includes 75 minutes of exercise twice a week.

Each workout session is followed by yarning facilitated by an exercise physiologist and expert Indigenous health workers who can help with conversations and education about living a healthy lifestyle.

Deadly Steps Together Program participant Connie Goodwin joined the sessions two weeks ago and said she was already making changes to her life.

"The program's been really good," Ms Goodwin said.

"It has made a difference in my life already, especially with healthy eating and exercise, and I have suggested to a few friends and family members that they should think about coming, too.

"It's nice to build a rapport with everyone in the group and I look forward to the sessions; it's great to come here, and also have a good laugh with friends."

Exercise physiologist Alicia Allen said the program was designed in collaboration with Indigenous elders and community members patients and Indigenous health staff.

She said the program was an eight-week program that aimed to educate Indigenous consumers about health and exercise to empower them to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"Because this program has been tailored not only for, but also by, the West Moreton Indigenous community, we can offer a program that has an evidence-based approach that meets the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members," Ms Allen said.

"There are 1.2 times more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults with a cardiovascular condition or respiratory condition than non-Indigenous Australians, 2.7 times more with psychological distress and 3.5 times more who have diabetes. There are also 1.3 times more Indigenous people with cancer.

For more information about the Deadly Steps Together Program call 3413 5570.