Wildlife carers remove the arrow from the kangaroo.
Wildlife carers remove the arrow from the kangaroo. Contributed

Team of carers come to aid of roo shot by arrow

A TEAM of wildlife carers have successfully rescued a kangaroo that was shot with an arrow.

The team searched for the roo in the days after it was first spotted with an arrow sticking out of its shoulder while among a mob of roos at Point Vernon last week.

Fortunately the team was able to find and treat the roo on Tuesday - and they found out the female was carrying a tiny joey in her pouch.

Wildlife carer Natalie Richardson was at the scene to assist with the roo's treatment, along with several other rescuers and carers.

"She was sedated and treated on site," Ms Richardson said.

"Wound and animal's overall condition assessed, wound cleaned and treated, and appropriate medications and support care given and she was then able to wake up and return to her mob." Ms Richardson said the arrow was a generic type that was easily bought so unless anyone reported the culprit who shot the roo, it was very unlikely the person responsible would be found.

The incident has been reported to the RSPCA, wildlife officers and the police.

She said she was glad the kangaroo had been treated.

"Getting her attended to was a team effort, with lots of voluntary hours put in by a small number of people, repeatedly, and thankfully it paid off."

Ms Richardson said the kangaroo was not placed in care because adult roos often did not do well in care.

"The best scenario was for a catch-treat-release approach, and she will be monitored over the coming weeks to make sure all is going well with her," she said.

To contact Wildlife Rescue Fraser Coast, call 4121 3146.