A teenager girl claims she bit an accused rapist’s penis during a sex attack at a Sunshine Coast party.
A teenager girl claims she bit an accused rapist’s penis during a sex attack at a Sunshine Coast party.

Teen ‘bit’ alleged rapist’s penis during party sex attack

A TEENAGE girl claims she bit her alleged attacker on the genitals during a prolonged sexual attack at a house party.

The accused is a 23-year-old fly-in-fly-out worker who lives on the Sunshine Coast and works in Western Australia.

He remained in the watchhouse as his lawyer secured his bail in Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The accused faces one count of rape and sexual assault charges, and was released on a number of conditions that he not contact the alleged victim or witnesses, that he live at a Black Mountain residence while in Queensland and notify police when he returns to the state.

The court heard the alleged attack happened in the driveway of a suburban area in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Senior prosecutor Tegan Smith told the court it allegedly involved forced oral and vaginal sex.

Ms Smith said the alleged victim told her mother what had happened when she picked her up about 2am, and they subsequently made a complaint to police.

Ms Smith told the court the alleged victim presented with bruises on her legs, arms and hands.

Ms Smith objected to the defendant's bail on grounds he was an unacceptable risk of contacting witnesses.

She told the court when the defendant became aware police wished to speak with him on August 5, he sent a text advising one of his friend, a witness, who was at the party.

Ms Smith said the defendant and the witness had a conversation to the effect of the witness stating he would "have his back, and do what he needs to do to help him".

The court heard at that point the witness friend had already made a statement regarding the alleged offences. Ms Smith said the man had told police he had warned the alleged victim not to be alone with the accused the night of the party because he was drunk and "afraid of what (the accused) might do".

Magistrate McLaughlin had made a forensic examination order on Monday morning as the complainant claimed she had bitten her alleged attacker on the genitals.

The court heard the defendant consented, and the examination did not return any "abnormalities".

The matter was adjourned for committal mention on October 4.