Teen’s alleged 700km ‘joy ride’ after crash

THE alleged teen driver of a stolen car involved in a fatal crash in Townsville allegedly drove another stolen car to Cairns, broke into homes and dumped the vehicle in Innisfail.

The 18-year-old man was taken into custody in Townsville on Monday morning, less than three days after the tragic death of aspiring policewoman Jennifer Board.

It is alleged he was driving a stolen Hyundai vehicle which police alleged was chased by vigilantes whose vehicle crossed onto the wrong side of the road and hit the 22-year-old's oncoming motorcycle.

A second 18-year-old who was allegedly a passenger in the stolen vehicle was also arrested on Monday morning.

Jennifer Board, 22, died in a crash in Townsville on Friday night.
Jennifer Board, 22, died in a crash in Townsville on Friday night.


No charges have been laid.

The Cairns Post understands the driver and other teens allegedly drove another stolen vehicle north to Cairns on Sunday.

They allegedly broke into at least two homes in Mt Sheridan and White Rock, evaded police at Parramatta Park and returned south.

The stolen vehicle was allegedly found dumped in Innisfail this morning, but another vehicle was stolen from Mundoo which was allegedly driven back to Townsville prior to the arrests.

Two teenage girls - aged 14 and 15 - were understood to have been arrested in Innisfail.

Northern Region police Assistant Commissioner Brett Schafferius said officers had been "actively seeking" the two 18-year-old males since the crash on Friday night.

"We'll be investigating their linkages to further stolen vehicles," he said.

A specialist juvenile crime task force was announced in Townsville on Monday morning.

Far North police Det Acting Insp Mick Gooiker also revealed extra officers had seconded into Cairns' property crime squad to tackle ongoing issues.

He said over the weekend nine people - predominantly juveniles - were charged with 39 property offences over the weekend.

"We have a lot of extra staff working on that crime class," he said.

"There are a number of things we are doing both reactively and proactively trying to address (this)."

Originally published as Teen's 700km 'joy ride' after crash killed would-be policewoman