FILE SHOT: Bundaberg court house Photo: Zach Hogg / NewsMail
FILE SHOT: Bundaberg court house Photo: Zach Hogg / NewsMail Zach Hogg BUN110814CRT3

Teen's costly night out after decision to drive over limit

A TEEN has been ordered to pay $1300 in fines after trying to drive home after a night out.

Jacinta Lee Johnson, 18, pleaded guilty to obstructing police, driving a vehicle while over the middle alcohol limit with a provisional or learner licence and particular licence holder driving between 11pm and 5am without certificate.

On October 6, police intercepted a car driving in Bourbong St at 3.45am.

Johnson told officers that she had been out at the clubs with friends and had drunk six vodkas with Red Bull.

The court was told Johnson held a P1 provision al licence and   had a late night driving restriction but wanted to drive home after a night out.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Grant Klaassen  said police had to wait 20 minutes until a  test could be done as she had not long finished drinking.

Sergeant Klaassen said during that time Johnson was told she couldn't eat or drink and she tried drinking out of a juice bottle because she was thirsty.

Sergeant Klaassen said she became agitated towards the officers.

When police were finally able to do a breath test, she returned a reading of .118.

Sergeant Klaassen said she didn't have offending of a like nature.

Johnson, who represented her self, told the court she wished she hadn't done it.

Magistrate Terry Duroux took into account Johnson's plea of guilty and her short history.

Johnson was fined $1300 and was disqualified from driving for six months.