People are having trouble calling 000.
People are having trouble calling 000.

What caused mass Telstra outage

TELSTRA is blaming this morning's national outage, that stopped people from calling triple-zero and brought Victorian traffic to a standstill, on a freak lightning strike.

The network posted a photo earlier today of a cable pit in regional NSW surrounded by blackened earth.


Just before 6am today, the national network said the outage was because a cable had been cut by "an unknown party" between Orange and Bowral in NSW at 2.05am.

The technical problems stopped people from calling the emergency number 000 across Australia's major cities.

The issue with Telstra's network was affecting calls to police, fire and medical emergency services.

The company says the problem was their Nationwide service and it was hitting some callers in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

Routers impacted by the cable cut were restored just before 5am but it takes time for the service to return to normal.

The outage also affected Victoria's traffic light sequences.

Vic Roads confirmed this morning around 700 traffic lights had been impacted with less than 100 still experiencing problems.

NSW police advised people to try calling triple-0 first, then to call the NSW Police Assistance Line, 131 444.

"NSW Police have been made aware of an intermittent Telstra Network issue affecting the receipt of triple-0 phone calls," NSW police said.


In Queensland, police assured customers that there appeared to be no issue from their end, despite the issues in southern states.