ROAD RAGE: Oded Togbah leaves court after admitting to dangerous driving.
ROAD RAGE: Oded Togbah leaves court after admitting to dangerous driving. Ross Irby

Terrifying pursuit on highway ends in frantic triple-0 call

"Car's aren't toys, people can die" - an Ipswich  Magistrate has slammed a Volkswagen driver who pursued a four-wheel driver down Ipswich Motorway and on suburban streets.

The Ipswich court heard details of a late-night road rage incident involving the driver of a VW and the driver of a four-wheel-drive ute.

Behind the wheel of the VW, Oded Togbah pursued the 4WD down the motorway late on a Sunday night.

Togbah's antics included swerving and braking, with his vehicle later blocking the path of the ute on a suburban street.

Two men then ran towards the ute causing its fearful driver to quickly reverse. 

Frightened by what was going on, the ute driver's girlfriend phoned triple-0 to alert police.

Going before Ipswich Magistrates Court, 24-year-old Oded Togbah from Acacia Ridge pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle at Redbank on Sunday, April 21.

Prosecutor Sergeant Chris O'Neill said police on mobile patrol received information at 11pm about a car being driven on Collingwood Drive.

The officers went to the scene of an apparent road rage incident, advised that it was still taking place with the female occupant of a 4WD making a triple-0 call.

Sgt O'Neill said police saw the ute being followed closely by a blue VW eastbound along Collingwood Drive.

Officers did a U-turn and put on the police car's lights and sirens.

Both the VW and the ute were seen stopped at the intersection with Namatjira Drive, with two males getting out of the VW. Both went back to their car as officers approached.

Sgt O'Neill said the ute driver told police the VW began following him on the Ipswich Motorway, swerving heavily and braking. The ute driver alleged Togbah's manner of driving very nearly caused an accident.

The court was told Togbah had stopped his car suddenly on Collingwood Drive and this caused the ute driver stop and reverse quickly in the belief that Togbah and his passenger may have damaged his vehicle.

The VW again followed, with Togbah swerving and causing him to do two U-turns.

Togbah told police the 4WD had cut him off at Wacol and he simply wanted to know why the driver did it.

When asked by Magistrate David Shepherd if he had anything to say about the matter, Togbah replied, "no, not really".

He said he lived with his father and worked as a mechanic.

"You must understand that cars aren't toys and people can die from this sort of behaviour," Mr Shepherd said.

"Whilst nobody was injured and no property damaged, it is an incident that should not have happened."

Mr Shepherd said drivers should not react to the annoying habits of other motorists.

"Irrespective of how or why people (drivers) do stupid things, you have to be better than that and don't respond. Swerving toward the vehicle and braking heavily in a manner nearly causing an accident," Mr Shepherd said.

Mr Shepherd convicted and fined Togbah $1000. His licence was disqualified for six months.