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IF THERE is one piece of advice Rugby League star and token funny guy Sam Thaiday has for you when doing the weekly fruit and veg shop, it's to go in with a game plan.

With so much on offer, he said finding the best produce at the best price came down to knowing what was in season, taking advice from the experts and keeping an eye out for specials.

We caught up with the footy legend at his local fruit and veg shop to get the lowdown - check out the video above.

As for what you should be putting in the shopping basket this week, we also consulted the real experts (sorry, Sam) from Your Local Fruit Shop.

Footy star Sam Thaiday shares his game plan for tackling the weekly fruit and veg shop. Georja Ryan

Your Local Fruit Shop's Cassandra Thurston shared her top tips for picking the best produce.

"First and foremost, freshness is the key to good fruit and vegetables this season," she said.

"Take note of what you are purchasing, and be sure that it's the best on the shelf - feel it for yourself!

She said buying in-season produce was a good way to guarantee freshness, and it was better on your hip pocket.

"(Right now, it is) stone fruits, mangoes and cherries. Steer clear of the wintery fruits you've been holding dear the last few months," Cassandra said.

"Lower costs will indicate if the produce is in season - if it's expensive, forget it!"

Her fourth tip was to buy your produce from a supplier or retailer which is consistently receiving fresh fruit and vegetable deliveries.

"Last but not least, when on the hunt for the perfect mango rely on smell above all else," she said.

"It often goes unnoticed, but the smell is crucial when it comes to finding a good mango. Be sure to only purchase those that give off a fruity aroma at the stem, this is the indicator of ripeness.

"By following these five steps, you will be eating nothing but the freshest of produce this summer!"

To make the search easier, be sure to check out Your Local Fruit Shop where fresh fruit and vegetables are always guaranteed.

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