'THAT'S DISGUSTING': Mum shamed for breastfeeding in public

"THAT'S disgusting."

With those words and a dirty look, the teenage girls looked over at the new mum and sneered.

Sharna Weiske says she was at a fast food store in Hervey Bay when she breastfed her six-week-old daughter, Elouise in public for the second time.

The first time, people had been kind- offering to move, let her sit and rest on a couch while she nursed.

But this was different.

Ms Weiske was having lunch with her family last week when her daughter started crying.

"The little one started to get a bit cranky," she said.

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She started breastfeeding Elouise to settle her.

"I was covered and everything," Ms Weiske said.

But that didn't prevent the girls from making the remarks.

Ms Weiske's brother overheard the comments and told his sister, who looked up to see the teenagers glaring at her.

She was especially disappointed to see young women making the comments, saying that she believes more education is needed in schools to make the younger generation understand it was completely natural to breastfeed a baby - and illegal to try to prevent it from happening.

"They are just a bit immature," Ms Weiske said.

Hervey Bay's Sharna Weiske and her six-week-old daughter Elouise.
Hervey Bay's Sharna Weiske and her six-week-old daughter Elouise. Contributed

"It's the first time anyone has said anything about it to me.

"It's my second time feeding out in public and I've got some rude comments already."

The Hervey Bay mum said breastfeeding was tough and judgemental comments just made it harder.

"It's a lot more challenging than people realise," she said.

Breastfeeding advocate and Fraser Coast birth photographer Elizabeth Pohlmann said it could be very intimidating for new mums to breastfeed in public because of the negative reactions they sometimes got.

Elizabeth Pohlmann from Hervey Bay.
Elizabeth Pohlmann from Hervey Bay. Joshuah Buckle

"I think the community needs education," Ms Pohlmann said.

"It's legal to breastfeed anywhere you want - we're not doing it to be an exhibitionist, it's literally to feed a baby."