Justice caught up with serial north-bound thief
Justice caught up with serial north-bound thief

'That's what boys do': Mobile crime spree ends at Cooroy

"THAT'S what boys do," recent serial thief Coen Patrick James Purcell told Toowoomba police, when they apprehended him after a mobile crime spree that was headed Gympie's way, after starting at the Gold Coast.

That was the story revealed in Toowoomba Magistrates Court and reported on Saturday by The Chronicle reporter Peter Hardwick.

'Ice' and mates a bad mix for Toowoomba offender

The court was told ice and a questionable selection of mates had led the 21-year-old father of two into serious trouble with the law.

Police prosecutor Nicola Prince told the court Purcell's fingerprints had been found at a number of crime scenes.

Purcell and five mates had been captured on CCTV breaking into the Cooroy Hotel Bottle Shop early on March 19 and stealing $3355 worth of liquor.

Parcell's fingerprints were found on a broken bottle left at the scene.

The group had driven there in a vehicle stolen at the Gold Coast the previous day.

His fingerprints had also been found on a stolen BMW sedan in April and on a bourbon bottle discovered at the scene of a second break-in at the Cooroy Hotel Bottle Shop on March 31, the Toowoomba court was told.

His attempt to escape Toowoomba police by jumping fences as he ran away led to five additional charges of trespass.

Purcell pleaded guilty to all charges against him by video link from prison.

His solicitor told the court the drug ice had been a significant problem for Purcell and he had also been drinking a lot at the time.

He had been out of trouble for two years but had begun to re-offend again after moving to Logan after losing his job.

Actin Magistrate Roger Stark noted Purcelll had four pages of criminal history and was on parole at the time of the offences

He sentenced Purcell to 15 months in jail with eligibility to apply for parole from August 2.